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"The marketing of our new product
already started after the first meeting. "

"Our sales team needs the
best online marketing support. "


A team for the prize
of one employee
appealed to me immediately. "


"I want to expand my webshop
to other countries. "


"Our hotel wants more direct bookings
and an active customer retention plan. "


"All communication needs
to be refreshed."


Marketing consultancy

JuniorSenior helps large and small companies with knowledge, skills, and experience: for a revision of the communication strategy, interim management or just a second opinion. We help tech start-ups with capital through FasterCapital.

Business development

Market research, benchmark figures, and emotional design; business development has many factors. If that basics stand strong, how will you stimulate sales? JuniorSenior helps, with campaigns, mailings and joint promotions.

Marketing production

JuniorSenior produces every marketing material needed in collaboration with The Creative Tribe; from web shops to explainer videos and from corporate identity to SEO long-copy content. At fixed prices and within every budget.

The quality of your communication

In today’s world, anyone can be a photographer, even your invisible niece has studied marketing and communication, and millions of blogs and photos are posted every hour.

The purpose of all this communication is to inform and seduce a target group; to a like on Instagram, a quote via the website or a question via Facebook Messenger.

A critical view on results

But do all your efforts yield enough? Is it conceptual and strategic correct and are the resources chosen optimally? Do you use the right technology to manage a database? And the response is expected; Do you get enough qualitative leads from the desired target groups?

For companies that want to communicate professionally with the outside world, it is important to have a distinctive concept and editorial formula to guide and safeguard the corporate identity. This applies to B2c but certainly also to B2b communication.

The soul of your company

To rejuvenate or to boost your existing communication, JuniorSenior is the ideal sparring partner. For on-going communications or the launch of a new business project. We listen and advise on how to improve more effectively. We provide inspiration on how your new product or service can best be launched; both commercially and conceptually.

Coming from traditional journalism, we ask many questions to clarify the basics of communication; what is the soul of the product and the company? We then investigate whether this fits in with the perception of your customers and your new target group. Next, come the form and strategy with which your company and service best meet the needs of the target group.

International growth

If you want to expand the company abroad, we know better than anyone how you can start sales in another country cost-effectively, without too high investments. Pre-sale without a physical local office is possible in this new digital world.

Our approach is in our name: Junior is using the latest technology with a fresh perspective on the media landscape. And Senior stands for years of expertise in brand and marketing strategy. For a sharp look at your communication, a fresh sound in the brainstorm, a striking and well-considered concept and sound commercial advice, contact JuniorSenior.

  • Real estate marketing

    Most house searches are done online. Apart from the fact that you naturally want to be on the first page in Google, it is even more important that you are found when people search specifically. JuniorSenior helps to promote your housing offer online as much as possible.

  • Product launch

    A new product or service needs ambassadors, fans, and followers from the beginning. Through which channels will you launch and what is the added value for the target group? Storytelling as marketing to the first target group starts well before the launch.

  • Online reputation

    Is your online presence such as website and social media substantively and technically up to date? Do you use social media to listen or to generate leads? Or are you only distributing content? JuniorSenior gets the most out of the digital world and improves your sales and service process.

  • Dedicated teams

    We deliver the dream of every CFO: a complete digital marketing department for the monthly price of 1 employee. Activate your team with end editor, online marketer, copywriter, art director, DTP, SEO expert, and project manager.

  • International growth

    International ambitions to also sell your service or product abroad? With smart local SEO, we activate a digital department that builds up your online authority and generates leads. You can then use your new customers to finance further growth.

  • Hotel marketing

    Hotel managers are in the grip of OTAs that determine the price per room and push your hotel website away in Google. Trend research proves that guests do not come for just a room, but are looking for a special travel experience. Take that opportunity and start with a strategy based on content, not on price.

About us

JuniorSenior originated from Down Under The Creative Tribe, a creative full-service communication agency from ‘s-Hertogenbosch, founded in 1997. In 2007 the name changed to JuniorSenior and the focus shifted to youth communication. The agency settled in Amsterdam and won many Awards, including being The best youth marketing agency in Europe.

JuniorSenior’s fast no-nonsense approach and up-to-date knowledge of new media brought the agency into the picture of companies that wanted to rejuvenate. The Creative Tribe still functions as a production unit with an international network of the best creatives.

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