The power of communication

The impact of our work is always at the top for JuniorSenior. We like to work with a concept that clarifies the strengths of your company and the benefits for your customer. First the content, then the form. In addition, “emotional design” and pre-test market research are important for a complete result.

But communication goes further; what does your chatbot tell customers who ask a question via Messenger in the middle of the night? And how do your employees respond to negative reviews on, for example, TripAdvisor? A scenario with all conceivable desired answers is the basis of a smoothly running organization that operates as an organic whole.

The objective is important in all communications; what do we want to say? Service is your best marketing tool that will ultimately help with more sales. And because each media channel has a different target group, the “tone of voice” per type of media is important.

People at Work

A response via Linkedin requires a different approach than a service-related question via Twitter or Facebook. Also, remember that every response is actually a piece of marketing; it is read by people and by Google. If communication with your customer is well written, this will contribute to a positive image of your company. Are you always serious about business, or are you a company that sometimes makes people smile? With what emotion do you think the first contact will be remembered?

The power of communication helps sales and salespeople. After all, with a smart lead-generation strategy based on content, you immediately attract the right target group. These leads are then convinced on your website why they want to complete a quote request.

Getting customers is an art and costs a lot of money, but retaining customers is much more important. A loyalty plan helps to keep existing customers informed about your activities and news items. There is a good chance that your customer will not weekly visit your website or speak to a sales representative. A monthly newsletter with current developments and a commercial offer is a cost-effective way for customer retention and ‘upselling’.

Tech start-ups
For tech start-ups with a smart idea we have a separate service called ‘Mentoring, Marketing a, d Money’. Hereby we help starting entrepreneurs with drawing up a marketing strategy. Thanks to our partnership with FasterCapital in Dubai, we can help to acquire 50% of the required capital. You can read more information about this incubator on their website.

Our added value

Junior Senior consultants are by definition free thinkers with a rich media background. We are pragmatic, professional and budget conscious. Thinking in solutions, both creative and commercial, is in our DNA. Our team is active in Europe, speaks four languages fluently and can be deployed on an interim basis or with a monthly retainer. Contact Ab Kuijer, author of ‘Think Small, Grow Big‘ to set up a first meeting.

  • Product launch

    A new product or service needs ambassadors, fans, and followers from the beginning. Through which channels will you launch and what is the added value for the target group? Storytelling as marketing to the first target group starts well before the launch.

  • Online reputation

    Is your online presence such as website and social media substantively and technically up to date? Do you use social media to listen or to generate leads? Or are you only distributing content? JuniorSenior gets the most out of the digital world and improves your sales and service process.

  • Dedicated teams

    We deliver the dream of every CFO: a complete digital marketing department for the monthly price of 1 employee. Activate your team with end editor, online marketer, copywriter, art director, DTP, SEO expert, and project manager.

  • International growth

    International ambitions to also sell your service or product abroad? With smart local SEO, we activate a digital department that builds up your online authority and generates leads. You can then use your new customers to finance further growth.

  • Hotel marketing

    Hotel managers are in the grip of OTAs that determine the price per room and push your hotel website away in Google. Trend research proves that guests do not come for just a room, but are looking for a special travel experience. Take that opportunity and start with a strategy based on content, not on price.

  • Conceptual communication

    If you deliver the same product or service as the competition, then price at the negotiating table is your only weapon. With a communication concept you can implement the true power of your company in all expressions and tell a better story than the competitor.

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